Free Kitchen Design Service

We offer a free planning service for kitchens and bedrooms. This is broken down into 4 areas.

  1. Consultation – We’ll ascertain the measurements of your kitchen’s various aspects, and together, we will discuss what you would like to change. We’ll then take the time to answer any questions you may have and we’ll establish exactly what you would like to achieve. A free, no-obligation quote will always be supplied to ensure you are kept informed. design_consultationWith us, there are no nasty surprises or hidden fees.
  2. Design Selection – Then we’ll present you with a selection from our 1000’s of different door designs and styles. With an option to suit every taste and budget, we will work closely with you, endeavouring to find the perfect solution to suit your unique kitchen.
  3. Visualisation – At this stage, we will produce a 3-D computer model of our kitchen ideas using the very latest CAD computer software. We’ll show you visually how we can make your kitchen design as efficient as possible. If you want to make any changes at this stage, we can easily show you how these amendments will look with a few quick clicks. Only once we have developed a model that you are completely satisfied with, will we have a plan to work from.
  4. Realisation – Once you’re happy with the designs, we’ll pass everything over to our manufacturing team, who will follow the designs perfectly to give you the kitchen you’ve always wanted.